Mutual love 🙂!!

Nature and authenticity

Upon arrival, the welcome is warm. The atmosphere is relaxed. We immediately feel at ease. And the food is really good! The simplicity of the place, the benevolence and the generosity of the hosts make it a unique and magical place! I spent 3 days in complete connection with nature. The ideal place to relax.



It was a wonderful experience. An exotic setting. The impression of being with family. An incredible resource for getting to know each other better and above all “disconnecting”! A big thank you to everyone!


Stay out of time

I spent a few days at Payanet just to recharge my batteries before a change of life … and it was beyond my expectations. The place is calming, travelers come and go and the atmosphere is relaxed. The proposed activities are original and the vegetarian food very good! I even stayed one more night than expected, I was so good!


Total disconnection or rather a reconnection of oneself

A place of life where you feel at home. The yoga teachers at the top, the different activities and experiences are very enriching. All the speakers and people who occupy this place are invested in what they love and share it for our greatest happiness. The cuisine mmmhh never disappointed, different dishes every day and generous (not being vegetarian, the meat did not fail me) A place of meeting, sharing, emotions, discovery, multiple landscapes. . a real little paradise !!!


Well-being, meetings and discoveries at the Payannet

A place out of time, a stone house, a hut with a sign “welcome” and “welcome” … tables, chairs here and there of different colors and shapes, I am there, at the payannet, a promise, a little taste of paradise in the middle of oaks, here and there a hen, cats, two dogs, the sound of bell towers, the river, the lake … cradled in a warm and warm atmosphere. I put a welcoming team, animated by their lifestyle choices and their desire to transmit each one in their “fields”; yoga classes, sensitive dance, immersion with donkeys and horses, meditation; I felt a deep respect for nature, animals, our environment, people and more widely for life. The cuisine reflects the project: varied, vegetarian and delicious. The meals invite discussion and sharing, the recipes are tasty and the portions generous.


An innovative, revitalizing and promising concept!

The quality of yoga classes, the diversity of the activities offered; with an emphasis on meditation, the return to oneself and one’s own feelings. The setting of Payanet is conducive to it: nature, calm, river and lake nearby … The meals were top notch: friendly, with local, seasonal, healthy foods and really delicious vegetarian recipes! The spontaneity, the kindness of the people on site: we feel this desire to create a different dynamic, which moves away from profitability and comes closer to sharing, transmission. The concept is nascent, authentic. Everything you need is available on site: comfortable mattresses for the choice of nights in tents, dry toilets… A return to simplicity that feels good!


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